11 Daring Riddles With Answers And Trivia To Fuel Up Your Brain

11 Daring Riddles With Answers And Trivia To Fuel Up Your Brain

Fuel up your brain with these 11 daring riddles and trivia! Solving riddles is one of the best ways to keep your mind young and sharp. That’s why I recommend you solve riddles for at least 20 minutes every day! After a few weeks, you’ll crack puzzles like nothing 😉 So, don’t waste your time and get right into solving these!

00:14 – A mysterious story about a girl who has run away from home. Why even young people do this…I don’t know and you? Anyway, you will have to solve this riddle and find the reason why she did it before anything bad happens. So what do you think?
02:07 – Are you ready to challenge yourself with this cool picture puzzle? Then turn on your brain and focus on what’s going on in the pictures. These mistakes are difficult to spot but if you’re attentive enough you can find them all! A visual puzzle with answers to trick your mind!
04:47 – A mysterious case of suicide that isn’t so simple as it can seem at first glance. Only an experienced detective with a cold logical mind can figure out what’s wrong with this case, so concentrate and watch carefully!
05:57 – Sometimes one simple question may save your life, especially when you’re in the forest alone with a suspicious stranger. You have to be a real quick-thinker and smart enough to come up with this only possible question in a short time (then you might probably be eaten). So, go pull yourself together and turn your brain full power on, your time is starting now! A riddle with answer to boost your brain and logic skills!

07:47 – A blood-freezing riddle that only cold minds can solve correctly! Let’s see if you can give the right answer before you run out of time!
08:57 – Hey, Detective, I must say honestly we’re at an impasse and your cold-blooded genius and perfect logic is our only hope. Too many people are involved in this case, each of them has their motives and alibies, so we’re completely lost. This is a crime riddle for brilliant minds only; you will need to think hard to collect and analyze the pieces of evidence. Can you put emotions aside and find the culprit before the press gets a hold of it?
10:55 – A hard detective riddle to increase your brain power and make you sweat hard! Only a person with a great level of IQ and emotional intelligence will figure out who is guilty among them. Tell me what you think about it!
12:40 – Though I hope you never need these skills, it’s always good to ready yourself for worse, isn’t it? Surprisingly, it’s not enough to be just a good swimmer, and professionals also learn the theory and sequence of actions first. If you can list the steps of water rescuing, you’re already a soon-to-be-made lifeguard! But if you have any difficulties, watch and bookmark this trivia to be sure you can reach this information at any time!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which of these riddles was the most difficult for you to solve?

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24 Replies to “11 Daring Riddles With Answers And Trivia To Fuel Up Your Brain”

  1. Also, I think the sister was responsible for her death, because she told the husband (P.S. I think the sister was jealous and wanted to be with the husband. Why else would she tell her sister to pay back the money right away?). You may reply to this if you have answers to my question.

  2. 12:26
    Adam is responsible because Mary and Adam Were Making out with each other
    Which got Mary pregnant . Which Adam didn’t
    Want to be envolved with , so if Adam was
    Never in this story Mary wouldn’t have been
    Pregnant . So Mary asked her sister for a loan
    Of money which Mary didn’t pay her back so
    Her sister got so mad which ended up in telling peter Then Peter got mad which kicked
    Mary out of the house , Leading Her to

  3. I think it’s suppose to be Marry fault that involve herself into this kind of situation although her sister is also the reason . I mean how could you do that to your own sister? Aren’t you suppose to help each other out when you have problems?

  4. It’s funny how they put in a riddle about a guy not recognizing the signs of drowning and then put an entire segment about the signs of drowning at the end

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