12 Life Hacks That Can Help You Survive

12 Life Hacks That Can Help You Survive

The most well-known first aid recommendations may lead to grave consequences. We collected the most common survival myths that could kill you and survival hacks that actually works.

Dealing with a foreign object in the eye 0:45
Applying ointments to a wound 1:19
Rubbing a person with a fever with alcohol or vinegar 1:40
Lifting up an unconscious person 2:27
Treating burns with butter or sour cream 3:09
Setting a bone on your own 4:00
Applying warmth to a sprain 4:36
Making yourself vomit in case of poisoning 5:03
Rescuing a drowning person 5:43
Pulling out objects from wounds 6:15
Applying ice to a bruise 7:00
Using stitches to close cuts 7:49

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– If there is something in your eye like a piece of glass, don’t do anything yourself. Have someone drive you to the hospital. If the object is just an eyelash, then don’t forget to wash your hands before you do anything. Blink to make your tears wash the eyelash out.
– The best thing you can do is clean the wound in cool water with soap and put a dry bandage on it. You will see that the wound will heal more quickly.
– Alcohol rubbing may create intoxication, while vinegar will significantly raise acidity, which is especially dangerous for children. So, don’t believe these outdated pieces of advice.
– Lifting a fainted person up will only aggravate the spasm. What you should do is lift their legs up, unbutton any tight pieces of clothing and don’t let them stand up right after they come around.
After they regain consciousness, don’t let them drink coffee or energy drinks.
– Butter or sour cream dry your skin and disrupt thermal exchange. This results in heat having nowhere else to go but deeper into the skin causing even more damage. What you should do is hold your hand in the cool water for 15 minutes. This will help with the pain.
– You should never set a dislocated joint on your own, no matter how cool and brutal that looks in movies. It may result in additional injuries. The best course of action would be to immobilize the injured limb and go to the hospital as soon as possible.
– When your muscles are sprained, a warm cloth won’t help. On the contrary, heat will strengthen the blood flow, leading to a more severe swelling. In the first days after the injury apply cold. It will lessen the inflammation and kill the pain.
– The standard recommendation for poisoning is to make yourself vomit. It might sound reasonable, but actually, it’s strictly prohibited. First of all, the poison can get into the lungs and damage them. The second problem is that if someone was poisoned with some chemicals, vomiting doubles the change of burning your throat.
– Remember to approach a person from behind so that they don’t see you coming; otherwise, the person may hinder you or drag you down in their panic. After you’ve approached the person, grab them under the armpits or by the chin, and move to the shore, keeping their head at your belly.
– Never try to pull out objects from serious wounds. Even doctors keep them in place until the patient is in surgery. The thing is, while the object is inside the wound it doesn’t let the bleeding start. The only thing you can do is put some alcohol on the wound, but you must be ready for the wound to hurt very much.
– You shouldn’t apply ice directly to the skin if you don’t want to get a cold burn. Instead, put a cloth between your skin and a pack of ice.
– Skin glue is very quick and virtually painless. Wash the wound with cool water before using glue. Then, stop the bleeding by pressing the wound. Close the edges of the wound and put skin glue along it.

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  1. 3:55 ok thess pepole don't know what they're talking about, putting cold water is only going to aggravate the blood cells rushing to the burn to help circulation and fade away said cut. aloe is a natural mixture of greens and should be applied if pain is extremely painful, if the pain is durable then leave the burn alone.

  2. Yeah guys instead of going to a hospital you should just glue your wound

  3. ALERT

  4. I did the thumbnail trick and I got infected my glue bacteria’s in my leg….and I went to the hospital and the said you should not do that….now my leg is completely swollen…..

    Edit: No joke

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