13 Brain Games That Drive People Mad

13 Brain Games That Drive People Mad

These 13 brain games will drive you mad! This set of tricky riddles will scratch your brain and blow your mind! If you can solve most of these brain teasers on time then you’re must be a genius! Show these puzzles to your friends and see if they can solve them on time 🙂

00:14 – Hey, Detective, here is a new Christmas night case you have to solve! You need to find who is killer, so turn your logic on and solve this crime riddle on time!
01:52 – Which of the policemen are fake? Think carefully as your mistake will cost you your life. Wait until they give themselves away!
03:41 – This is a cool picture puzzle that will make you rack your brain hard! Tell me who of these people aren’t who you think they are!
06:05 – A tricky crime riddle that can puzzle even an experienced detective. You will have to use your memory and imagination to identify the criminal and not get the wrong one. Are you smart and experienced enough to cope with it?😜🕵

07:15 – A tricky word quiz to challenge your logical thinking and imagination. Look at the pictures and find the connection between them. It should be just one word, so rack your brain hard to find it brain
09:15 – Test how good your eyes are with this tricky picture puzzle! Can you spot the person who’s just pretending to be poor?
10:53 – Do you believe your logical thinking skills are high enough? Let’s check it right now! Here is a woman claiming she has been punched and robbed. But she’s been arrested for false claim. Can you tell me what’s wrong with her story? This short riddle will boost your logic and make you rack your brain really hard!
11:56 – How can you find it who is poor? Use your logic and spot every single detail to get the answer😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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