14 Shocking Riddles That 98% Fail To Solve

14 Shocking Riddles That 98% Fail To Solve

Here is a set of 14 shocking riddles that 98% of people fail to solve! Can you solve these without any mistakes? Test your logic and riddles solving skill! 😉 If you can’t concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and after a few weeks, you will notice changes in your critical thinking and attentiveness!

00:14 – This set of incredible optical illusions will not only challenge your vision but also give you a piece of advice about your ideal partner. It’s really great to know your own strengths and weaknesses to identify which features of character your partner should have, isn’t it? Does your partner perfectly complement you?
02:06 – A mysterious survival riddle to rack your brain and make you recollect everything you learned at school! You will need not only your logic (though it will help as well), but a good general knowledge base to escape. Will you crack this riddle with an answer and survive in the tomb?
03:23 – A set of super tricky text riddles only a brilliant mind can crack! I bet you still don’t know the right answer to the last riddle😉 Actually, it’s really obvious, you just need to turn on your sense of humor. And of course, don’t take these riddles too serious!

04:23 – Did you think the author of this text was crazy when you first saw the title? Well, then you were wrong as such ‘billionaires’ are commonplace. If you’re attentive and observant enough, you will easily identify him or her among other people on the street. So, will you solve this cool visual puzzle on time?
06:08 – A short logical puzzle to test how smart you are! Only a very attentive person will find this small disconnect in the information given on one of the pages and reveal the fake one. Will you crack this simple visual puzzle?
07:08 – A short picture puzzle to warm up your brains and exercise your eyes😜 The first one is pretty simple, but with the second one, you will have to strain your eyes. Tell me what you think in the COMMENTS!
08:08 – A short but hard test to check your intuition and observation. Will your instincts save you if you come across a cannibal one day? Let’s check! If you find out who the cannibal is in less than 15 minutes, then you’re well-prepared for an encounter!
10:33 – A mysterious crime riddle to tease your brain and increase your IQ level! You should be either a genius or a psycho to crack this riddle (so I failed this one). Tell me in the comments what your answer is before time is over!
12:03 – Which nurse is pregnant? Any ideas, guys? Write your thoughts on this quiz in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last puzzle!

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18 Replies to “14 Shocking Riddles That 98% Fail To Solve”

  1. 12:03 – Which woman is pregnant and why do you think so? Don't be shy to write your thoughts on the puzzle's answer! It's more interesting to read your explanations than just letters 😉

  2. maybe a is pregnant because is that a pregnancy test in her pocket?
    also they all doctors so c might just be sick from work.
    b on the other hand does seem to have bigger breast then the others and a tummy.
    so my final answer would be a or b.

  3. 8:06 which woman is pregnant woman A. can't be pregnant because her boobs would sag down and he stomach would be round. Woman b. can't be pregnant because she looks to old to have a baby. Woman c. is pregnant because her boobs kinda sag her stomach is round and she already has child in stroller who says she isn't already married and wants to start a family.

  4. Who is the billionaire question 2. The billionaire is b. because he has a guitar that doesn't look dirty plus guitars are very expensive, if you look at his chin it looks freshly shaved so he has to have a razor. Finally look at his clothes and his body he is clean and if he was homeless he would have holes and dirt on his clothes and dirt on himself.

  5. "What's the difference between boobs and toy train tracks?"
    Toy train tracks are flat and boobs aren't.

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