An Average IQ Can Easily Solve These 10 Hard Riddles 😮

An Average IQ Can Easily Solve These 10 Hard Riddles 😮

If you can easily solve these 10 hard riddles then you have at least an average IQ! It’s a good chance to boost your logical skills and check your IQ level. Get ready to stretch your brain and improve your critical thinking 😉 Share your answers to the most difficult riddles in the comments below:

00:14 – A thrilling riddle on logic only a genius can solve! Study the facts carefully to connect the dots and find out what really happened with Jim. This riddle is not for assistant detectives, but for PRO only!
01:42 – A riddle on escape to challenge your logic and test your intelligence! Only a person with IQ 120+ will be able to solve it without any hints. I failed to crack it and so did my friends; will you succeed?
03:02 – Here is a portion of visual riddles to test your attentiveness and vision: you will have to find 2 same pictures!
05:52 – Only professional detectives can solve this criminal case! Test your analytical skills and attentiveness and try to solve this tricky riddle on time!

07:49 – A new blood-freezing riddle for the best detectives out there! Are you ready to solve this criminal case? If you have a cold mind and are attentive, I’m sure you’ll come up with the answer easily!
09:35 – A set of hard situations everyone can have to deal with at any time. Are you smart enough to act quickly and choose the best way to solve the problem? Train your brain with this tricky riddle and tell me what you would do in the comments!
11:17 – A medium-level logic riddle to warm up your brain before you pass to more serious challenges. You will be amazed by how simple the answer is, so don’t throw away even the craziest ideas!
12:17 – Who started the fire: A, B, or C? What do you think? It’s a short personality test that will reveal your goals and life priorities!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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  1. Get to know your real life goals and priorities with this personality test at 12:17! Who started the fire: A, B, or C? Share your opinion in the comments!

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