Brain Games For Contemporary Minds Only

Brain Games For Contemporary Minds Only

Get ready to solve this set of brain games for contemporary mind only! These riddles will help you improve your critical thinking. If you need a boost of energy when you just woke up, then you’re welcome to solve some of these tricky riddles and puzzles. Try to use all your intelligence and imagination, and you’ll find the right answer easily!

00:14 – Test your memory and general knowledge and try to guess these brands by animals! How many of them can you get right?
02:22 – How did the criminal give himself away? If you’re a true detective, you will spot it until your time’s up 😜 A hint: be attentive to details!
04:23 – Can you spot the fake teacher? They may look very different, but one of them is definitely NOT a teacher. But who? Can you answer? A tricky picture puzzle for the best detectives!

06:30 – How young is your brain? A set of pictures to test your attentiveness and ability to memorize people’s faces! How many of them can you get right?
09:09 – This guy is a liar! Can you find any pieces of evidence to prove it? Why did the girl leave?
10:57 – Who is the fake doctor? Look carefully and try to find all of them in these picture riddles!
12:10 – Who’s a fake doctor? Boost your logic and attentiveness with this visual puzzle! Don’t forget to share your answer in the comments 😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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  1. I think it's A because the way he's holding the scalpel is unprofessional. Doctors know how to properly hold a scalpel but he's just holding it like he doesn't know what to do with it. B isn't fake because you need it to cut through the muscle and skin. C also isn't fake because you need a needle to do… Stuff. Idk i'm not a doctor. But I do know that you need to inject something when doing a certain surgery. Probably to numb the person.

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