How to Pass a Lie Detector Test and Prepare for It

How to Pass a Lie Detector Test and Prepare for It

How to Deal with a Polygraph Test. These days, you can’t be 100% sure you’ll never have to take a lie detector test so it’s better to prepare yourself for it to know what to do and be safe. This type of testing is often used by big corporations when considering applicants for a certain job or doing internal investigations on staff. The police, military, private investigators, security agencies, and intelligence services also use the polygraph to get truthful answers out of people.

How does a polygraph work? 1:31
How to prepare for a polygraph test:
Be physically ready. 3:52
Let yourself feel nervous. 4:37
Try not to lie about details. 6:15
Don’t rush it. 7:22
Imagine something pleasant. 8:45
Don’t use any physical tricks. 9:21
What to do after the polygraph test? 10:26
Bonus: when should you not take a polygraph test? 10:57

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-A polygraph can’t really detect the lie itself. It only captures physiological changes that occur in the body when a person is lying. These changes can include a fast pulse, sweating, unusual breathing, and high blood pressure.
-Get ready 24 hours before the test so that your body is in tip-top shape. Don’t skip any meals before the test. Take your usual medicines. Remember comfort is key.
-The results of people who feel anxious while answering each question turn out to be the most accurate according to statistics.
-Examinees are too worried about being asked trap-questions while taking the test since they’re convinced that that’s what they should actually be careful about.
-Listen to each question till the end, try to understand it, and take your time with the answer.
-Go to your happy place so that you feel more relaxed during the test.
-A polygraph is capable of distinguishing a deceptive reaction to physical pain, and examiners often ask people to take their shoes off since they’re all-too familiar with popular ploys.
-After you’ve taken the test, a post-test interview will await you. A reviewer will come to the room to discuss your results.
-You should NOT take a polygraph test if you have heart disease, are pregnant, have a respiratory illness, are epileptic, or suffer from general pain.


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    How does a polygraph work? 1:31
    How to prepare for a polygraph test:
    Be physically ready. 3:52
    Let yourself feel nervous. 4:37
    Try not to lie about details. 6:15
    Don't rush it. 7:22
    Imagine something pleasant. 8:45
    Don't use any physical tricks. 9:21
    What to do after the polygraph test? 10:26
    Bonus: when should you not take a polygraph test? 10:57

  2. Believe in your lie. Like what do you do for a living? I’m Batman. You should dress the part also.

  3. These "tips" play right into the hands of the test! All you need to do is react to control questions… Relevant questions : react calm.. induce pain during control questions (wear uncomfortable clothes!)

  4. It's much simpler than how they said to be prepared. First be prepared for a 50/50 chance of passing or failing. That is all. No science no trick you're relying on an individual to interpret/guess something that is yes or no. Coin toss chance. If you're lucky you're examiner GUESSED you told the truth. If you believe he has the power to differentiate a lie from truth based on unscientific proven principles go see a hypnotist or a hack magician and have your mind blown and don't let someone take your picture or they will have your soul.

  5. A polygraph examiner asked if I’d ever had a heart attack, after the test. I told her no. She said something abnormal showed in my test, and maybe I should see a doctor. I thought she didn’t know what she was talking about. And before that year was up, I had a heart attack.

  6. Clickbait?

    They say in the thumbnail you can say multiple things. You can't! Only 1 answer ,Yes or No! Or you cannot do the test.

  7. when they asked you if did you steal? .. cant you just imagine other question ,like are you a dragon?.. then say no…is that effective? haha

  8. One time I had to take a lie detector test in order to apply for a job as a clerk in a convenience store. I decided to run five miles in 95 degree weather an hour or two before I took the test. I have always sweated a lot. Any time I work out very hard at all I get drenched in sweat. So I'm sure that run greatly affected my skin resistance, as well as blood pressure and heart rate. There were some questions asked that I didn't know how to answer, like "Have you ever knowingly written a bad check?" I had done that in the army before, but it was always for a small amount at the end of the month, and I would cover the check and the additional fee with my next paycheck. I always took care of the bad check quickly. I think the fee for the overdraft was ten dollars. Then I realized it would be cheaper just to borrow money from a signature loan company. The man doing the polygraph then asked me if I'd ever done hard drugs. I had experimented a little with them, so I said yes. Then he asked if I was an alcoholic or drug addict. I said that I was an alcoholic, but I had been sober for a good while now. Those are all the questions I remember. Shortly after I returned home I got a call from the owner of the convenience store saying they had to give the job to their cousin, and it was out of their hands.

  9. True, their proper name is POLYGRAPHS, not "lie detectors". In fact, these tests detect very little of anything. Including lies. (Or, truth). Also, they are not admissible in many courts of law. Lastly, innocent persons who hesitate even a millisecond to consider a question may be perceived as dishonest. Whereas a sly criminal type who actually has broken a law, can easily ace the polygraph and come up smelling like a rose. I do not trust these tests. And after an experience years ago, where I had absolutely nothing to hide (but stopped, simply to think over a question) was informed: 'you seemed very uptight".. (I did not take the job)..I will always refuse to submit to these, since they prove nothing. I am retired now, but always caution my students and younger colleagues: be wary of those types of procedures, since the 'data' obtained might unjustly entrap, or worse – exclude an honest person from employment.

  10. I was asked to, but my lawyer said absolutely not. And I beat the case because I always do as a lawyer advises!

  11. If an employer doesn't trust his employees; how is the employee to trust the employer?
    I will not work for people who want their workers to always feel insecure, defensive, and subordinate.

  12. I have svt so when I took one it said I was always lying even on my name,age,gender,and date of birth. It was funny I started busting out laughing when they told me that until I had to show them the proof of everything and bring in a doctor's note.

  13. Well Harshil Patel some of us have what we call "deep secrets" you but job. And I sorta get immunity to lie detector tests as I have a heart condition. I RULE!

    P.S whoever scrolled down here likes to read.

  14. We have to get polygraph tested at my job since someone has been stealing money , and a friend of mine failed due to heart conditions, and anxiety, he failed. My turn hope I pass

  15. I don't think I would take this test for my dream job because it would probably feel to personal and I'm epileptic.

  16. This video is pure propaganda. Polygraph tests never, ever achieve 98% accuracy. The gist of this video is that polygraphing has legitimacy — it doesn't. "Lie detecting" is trash. Junk science.

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