The New Truth About Marilyn Monroe

The New Truth About Marilyn Monroe

The life of this legendary actress of the 20th century has been described in more than 600 books. An actress, singer, model, and the symbol of her times, she is a legend who still remains one of the most popular Hollywood icons. Many remember her as a beautiful girl with platinum blonde curls in a white dress. This is probably one of the most famous images she created…but was she really like that?

In her childhood, she used to be a tomboy. In 1947, she won the title “Miss Artichoke” in a beauty contest in California. You may think you’ve heard all the tales about Marilyn Monroe, but here’s another one that has been kept secret for many years.

Why she ended up in Roxbury 1:21
Who Johnny was 1:47
What happened to him 2:44
How Marilyn Monroe helped Johnny’s family 3:19
What other facts came to light 5:06
Marylin and a cow 6:06
What tragedy happened on the day of her wedding 6:52
Why her marriage broke down 7:55


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– Her biggest wish at that time was a quiet life in the country, which is how she ended up in Roxbury.
– The family of a boy (let’s call him Johnny) lived in the community. Like everyone else, they didn’t have enough money, and the boy had to work after school. He was a part-time sales assistant in a small shop. Marilyn Monroe was their loyal customer.
– Marilyn came to the shop and noticed that Johnny was absent. The sad owner told her that Johnny’s mother had died suddenly the day before.
– Surprisingly, the family found out the next day that the funeral service had been completely paid for. On top of that, the funeral parlor was full of flowers.
– It turned out that at approximately the same time, the actress made a substantial donation to the local church school. It was mostly poor children from the families of immigrants who attended the school.
– The public image of Marilyn differed dramatically from her true personality. And even those bits and pieces we know about her nowadays don’t completely reveal what kind of a person she was. The actress was much kinder and softer than her contemporaries used to think.
– On June 29, 1956, when the couple signed their marriage license, the area turned into a playground for paparazzi. One of the cars following the newlyweds was speeding along the curvy country roads a little bit too quickly, and the driver couldn’t control the car. As a result, the French reporter who was inside died.
– Her husband was a self-sufficient and solitary man. He spent mornings working in his study and afternoons repairing the house. As for the actress, she didn’t have much to occupy herself with.
– Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller had been married for less than 5 years. The playwright married photographer Inge Morath just one month after the divorce.
– Her life came to an end 19 months later on August 5, 1962, in her new home in Los Angeles. Her death remains as mysterious as the life of this outstanding woman.


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  1. Thank you, friend. I too am an unknown fan and friend of MM. Every new story of the Legend reveals the real persona of MM. MM is a dream that came true.

  2. I’m a little confused. “There’s no hard evidence that this story happened…” But the title is “The New Truth About Marilyn Monroe”…?

  3. She/he was a tranny. Check out pictures and you will see. It had us all fooled. That is the bitter truth.

  4. As a California resident I can say that Hollywood and West Hollywood área are very dark vibes. Celebrities there are depressed and miserable from all the judgment and people watching your every move.

  5. I don't believe that story about paying for the funeral. Sorry but marilyn had no money to give. Hollywood used her badly. They would make so much money off of her and paid her pennies. If you ever seen marilyn's clothes she would have to "borrowed" them from the studio but she had no money to buy clothes. Her money went to pay for rent and taking her of her mother she was in a home or hospital. They said sometimes she didn't even have money for food. I feel bad how bad they would treat her she just wanted to be loved. I love marilyn!

  6. It's so sad that she died at 36. She had much better things to do with her life, like show more of her inner beauty as well as her outer beauty.

  7. My stepmother was a model when Norma Jean Baker first started modeling. They were good friends. She was VERY insecure but sweet.

  8. Her name, mole, hair color chin, nose, was all FAKE..they just took a "little" off her nose

  9. Creepy Hugh Hefner sleeps by her side now. Playboy founder Hefner paid $75,000 in 1992 to be buried next to her. He died in 2017.

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