14 Cool Riddles To Kickstart Your Day and Boost Brain Power

14 Cool Riddles To Kickstart Your Day and Boost Brain Power

Kickstart your day and boost your brain power with a portion of 14 cool riddles! Try to solve as many riddles as possible. Logic exercises are great to stimulate your brain activity. Some of these riddles can be easily solved by kids but will be a hard task for adults. So, it’s a good chance to see if you can crack these puzzles fast 😉

00:14 – Something weird is happening right at Christmas! Can you spot all the mistakes in the pictures? If so, I’m sure Santa will bring you an extra gift on Christmas🎅😜
01:55 – A short but thrilling puzzle that will tease your brain and make you sweat! Who has the least chances to survive? Think carefully but not too long😜
03:02 – When you hurt someone, be ready to get it all back to you. Now Erik is going to reap the fruits of his bad relationships with close people, but I still feel sorry for him😉 Will you solve this logic riddle on escape to save his life?
04:36 – Who is guilty? Challenge your brain by investigating this tricky case with three suspects. Carefully check their testimonies and decide who could do that. I hope you won’t blame a wrong guy🧐

06:01 – Let’s test how attentive you’re in your daily life. Can you spot the correct logo among so many wrong ones? I failed almost all of them except the Apple logo🙈 What’s your result?
08:21 – Challenge your eyes and try to read all these words encrypted in the pictures! If you have read them all, your brain is young and flexible, keep it up!
10:32 – Children can come up with truly amazing stories, and even an experienced detective can fail to spot their lies. Are you smart enough to not get tricked?
12:28 – Who has 2 husbands? A, B, or C? And why? Share your thoughts on this tricky puzzle in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers in the comments!

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