Train Your Brain With These 15 Hard Riddles With Answers

Train Your Brain With These 15 Hard Riddles With Answers

Train your brain with a set of 15 hard riddles with answers! These riddles will break your head into pieces! Can you solve them without any mistakes? A number of studies have shown that solving riddles is one of the most effective ways to exercise your brain. Try to crack all of these tricky puzzles and share your answers in the comments below:

00:14 – Let’s test how good your detective skills are! Can you spot the criminal among the crowd? Watch carefully!
02:13 – You never know what you can find if you go to the woods at Christmas (sometimes it can be a crime scene). Now you will have to question everyone in the town to connect the dots and find the culprit so don’t waste your time!
03:56 – These detective riddles will test your deduction skills, Sherlock! All you need to do is to look at these pictures and realize who is the criminal who should be kept away! This crime riddle will also test your ability to observe the surrounding environment and spot what’s wrong. Maybe somebody will be grateful to your keen eye one day!
05:36 – Only a genius will understand what’s wrong in this crime riddle. If you can find the answer until your time’s up, you have great detective skills and can easily become a special agent😜But don’t get upset if you fail like me, it’s really a hard level riddle, so just wait for the answer and try another one!

07:05 – Hey, Detective, there is a new case for you! This crime riddle is only for those who have a well-trained brain and logic! Stay attentive and find out who is a kidnapper!
08:43 – A tricky detective riddle that only a very attentive and observant person will crack on time! There is a small detail which is hard to detect, so if you find it, you’re a true genius! Challenge your brain with this cool crime riddle with answer if you dare😉
10:33 – The malicious son staged his own kidnapping to get some money from his father and make him worry. But he wasn’t very experienced and gave himself away. Can you guess what his mistake was?
12:09 – This is a difficult challenge for your brain, so focus your mind and turn on your logic! A mind-blowing crime riddle with answer that only experienced detectives can crack. If you’re able to distinguish between fantasy and reality, this detective riddle will be an easy one for you!
13:51 – Whatever a malicious criminal tried to do to cover up a crime, a good policeman would always reveal the truth! But sometimes we need help from independent experts, that’s why you’re here now. You have just half a minute to observe the room and collects as much evidence as you can to find the traces of the kidnapped child. His life is in your hands so hurry up to crack this crime riddle until it’s too late!
14:55 – A malicious teacher kidnaps little kids and no one can stop her. But you can definitely identify and save her next victim, so turn on your brain and pass to this crime riddle. Will you cope with the riddle on time?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the most difficult for you to solve?

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