20 Weird Facts About Humans You Need To Learn

20 Weird Facts About Humans You Need To Learn

If you’re a fan of anatomy and cool but weird facts about human bodies, then this video is just right for you!

00:29 People can have hiccups for a very long time. It may be a signal of a disease. See a doctor if you are experiencing it.

1:06 Human bones are not as fragile as everyone thinks they are.

1:44 Humans have mastered the art of theater because they are the only animals that can do THIS (to see what check out our video!)

3:11 The most amazing thing about humans that we always find something new about our bodies. Take our tongue – it’s such a fascinating organ.
4:09 Just one man is enough to re-populate Earth.
5:19 Sometimes humans are born with medical conditions that make them superheroes. Check out which ones we are talking about.

6:50 Female metabolism is different from a male one. Check out why.
11:29 Are you taller in the morning or in the evening? If you want to know the answer skip here.

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