Only A Person With High IQ Will Solve These 15 Tricky Riddles

Only A Person With High IQ Will Solve These 15 Tricky Riddles

You can solve these15 tricky riddles only if you have a high IQ! Solving this kind of riddles every day exercises your brain and helps improve your logical skills. If you want your brain to work faster, don’t be lazy and solve brain teasers and quizzes on a daily basis!

00:14 – Who’s more stupid? You need to analyze these situations and choose one! Try to answer as fast as possible 😉
01:43 – A short but tricky detective riddle to stretch your brain and increase your IQ level. You will have to use all your deduction skills and brain power to find the answer to this detective riddle! If you fail to solve this one, don’t get upset too much as it’s a professional level!
02:50 – A short picture puzzle to test your eyes and logical thinking! Can you spot what absolutely can’t be there? Tell me in the comments what other strange things you’ve noticed in the video!
04:07 – Tricky riddles to test your logic and boost your brain. You will be able to solve these picture puzzles only if your logic is top-notch!
05:40 – A set of short riddles to boost your logical and critical thinking! Check your attentiveness and vision and try to find the odd ones!
08:22 – A hard would you rather quiz with a short personality test to help you know yourself better. The only rule is to be honest or it won’t work well😜
10:02 – This logic riddle on escape will trick your mind and make you think hard to find the right solution. Think carefully and analyze every single opportunity; the answer is really obvious! If you fail to crack this riddle, it means you’re just too tired to concentrate right now. Try it again in a while or just check the answer😜
11:12 – This math puzzle will force your brain to think (which is good, right?)! The question is easy, but it will take all your brain to find the answer (or just wait till the time is up and see the answer 😅)
12:31 – Amazing picture riddle to test your logic once again! Look at the picture, where is the prisoner hiding? The clue (a massive one) is right there in front of your eyes, just spot it and find the criminal!
13:31 – Who will die? A policeman or a fireman? Why? Leave your thoughts on this puzzle in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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27 Replies to “Only A Person With High IQ Will Solve These 15 Tricky Riddles”

  1. On the last one the police will die first because he will shoot the fireman but he might not die but he will fall so the police will fall because the other person is not holding the board down

  2. The firefighter dies, because the policeman will shoot him. Yes the policeman will fall afterwards, but noone ever said how far. As far as we know the ground could be just off screen.

  3. WAIT WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT who will die i mean its not like we are immortal everyone dies onceand ya cant change it

  4. Both the policeman and fireman will die because if the fireman sprays the water, the force will pull him down the cliffside because he is standing on the board. And if the policeman shoots then the the fireman will either out of loosing reflex pull the hose or he will immedaintly fall which will cause the board to fall off the cliff

  5. Police man will die either way from the push of water or if he shoots the fire man the board from under the police man will fall and he will die but the question is who will die first and I say the fireman

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