3-Minute Workout Before Sleep to Slim Down Your Legs

3-Minute Workout Before Sleep to Slim Down Your Legs

Try a quick set of simple exercises that will take you no more than 3 minutes. You can do this workout from the comfort of your own bed or couch!

The short set we’re about to share with you was developed by famous American celebrity coach Tracy Anderson. It helps to eliminate “fat deposits” on the knees and hips that can appear even in slim people.

We’ll work out the front, back, and inner parts of your thighs. That’s right, kiss those thunder thighs goodbye! You can do this work-out from the comfort of your own bed or couch, and did we mention it takes only 3 minutes!

Toning the front of the thighs 1:21
Toning the back part of the thighs 2:43
Toning the inner part of the thighs 5:08
3 simple rules 7:27

Exercise #1. This exercise works and tones not only your quads but also your knees and abs. Don’t forget to keep your knees together and your thigh muscles tensed! Are you feeling the burn? That’s a good sign!
Exercise #2. This complex exercise works and tones the front and back part of the thighs, knees, and abs. If you’re feeling the tension in your hamstrings and a slight burning as well, you’re doing everything just fine.
Exercise #3. This exercise is incredible for working and toning your upper legs, buttocks, and abs. Make sure that your legs are always flexed and pressed against each other during the exercise. You should feel the pressure in your legs to know that you’re giving the muscles a good workout.

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29 Replies to “3-Minute Workout Before Sleep to Slim Down Your Legs”

  1. ill do this for 2 months and maybe update the results. 🙂 but for now it’s building up my energy

  2. In another video of yours you said that working out before going to sleep is bad for weight loss(during sleep) so I’m very confused… i’ve been doing these excersises every morning and every evening for 3 weeks now. Shoud I stop? Because it’s bad for my sleep? And also my weight loss? Idk…

  3. Should I do this I’m 12 and I want to get skinny thighs and legs like Mabel Chee should I do it??

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