A Set Of Crime Riddles And Picture Puzzles To Test Your Attention Skills

A Set Of Crime Riddles And Picture Puzzles To Test Your Attention Skills

Test your attention skills with a mix of crime riddles and picture puzzles! Start your day with a light brain workout to concentrate and stay focused on important tasks. If you can’t concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve different riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and you will notice some changes in your critical thinking and logical thinking abilities!

00:14 – A cool puzzle for kids and adults that will boost your brain power! Test your attentiveness and math skills and try to count all the red apples!
01:47 – Here is a new riddle for the best detectives out there! Check out your logical skills and boost your critical thinking!
03:46 – A fun visual test to challenge your eyes and shed light on some hidden features of your character. Just relax and look at the picture. What you’ve seen first, will tell you a lot about yourself!
05:15 – A set of picture riddles that will boost your vision and increase your attentiveness! Try to find all aliens before you run out of time!

07:27 – A tricky crime riddle that will make you face a hard question: did someone kill him or it was a suicide? Which side do you come down on? This is a difficult case that only an experienced detective can crack!
09:00 – Look, Detective, something really bad has happened and we need your help right now! Sorry for disturbing you on vacation, but you’re our only hope. Use your brilliant mind to crack this crime riddle and find the culprit! Then go back to your cocktails🍹
11:59 – A hard picture puzzle for the smartest solvers! You will have to stretch your brain and be creative to uncover where the killers are hiding. Be attentive and careful! Your life is on the line here!
13:26 – Who killed the bride? A, B, or C? And why? Look carefully and try to find the killer before the time is up!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last picture riddle!

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27 Replies to “A Set Of Crime Riddles And Picture Puzzles To Test Your Attention Skills”

  1. 13:26 they all did.
    C was probably gonna strangle her so the bride was fighting.
    So B helped C
    And then A stabbed her which got blood on B’s dress

  2. So the one is A she has a knife in her flower and for the thumbnail it’s Alice the bride was trying to write Alice look the “L” you can see a line so it’s Alice

  3. For the thumbnail it was all of them.There was a sword in the boquet (srry for bad spelling) in A. There was blood on B and there was a rip in the dress of C.

  4. In the rocks where the time is look at the hole you might see a boy face half but idk is it just me

  5. 2 º/º people on comments replied the riddles while 98 º/º people replied such waste thing except the one who wished merry christmas and a happy new year

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