5 Exercises to Get the Best Back Ever

5 Exercises to Get the Best Back Ever

Here are all of the simplest but effective exercises for your back that you can do anywhere. You can perform the exercises while watching the video – at home or even in your office.


37 Replies to “5 Exercises to Get the Best Back Ever”

  1. Hated the animation it would have been better if you brought someone to show us the proper way

  2. 0:11 I see the same model for plank exercises in a video, then tell me whether plank or this exercise helps you to get best back ever????

  3. What a terrible video. All you suggest is stretching the posterior chain while strengthening the anterior, when what you need to do is the exact opposite..

  4. plz bright side make a video that what to do when your getting alot hair fall
    please make it I really need it

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