Mind-Blowing Set: Personality Tests And Picture Puzzles With Answers

Mind-Blowing Set: Personality Tests And Picture Puzzles With Answers

Give your brain a nice workout with this mind-blowing set of personality tests and picture puzzles with answers! Turn on your imagination, activate your brain and stay focused to solve all the riddles on time. Some of these riddles are really hard, so just pause the video if you feel like you need more time to think about the answer ( I won’t tell anyone 😉 )

00:14 – A short personality test that will tell you what your first kiss will be like and what letter your partner’s name will start with😘 Will you dare to know it right now? Is it what you expected it to be?😜
02:48 – A fun set of picture riddles to boost your logical skills! Try to guess what these things are before you run out of time!
05:08 – What will you fix first? A visual personality quiz that will let you know yourself better!
06:08 – A hard riddle to test how fast your brain works! There are 5 levels of difficulty, if you pass all of them, I’ll worship you for the rest of my life!!! It’s almost impossible to pass this hard riddle, let me know if you did!

07:24 – Here is a fun teaser that combines optical illusions and a personality quiz to boost your brain power.
08:45 – Look at the two pictures and tell me what’s similar here! Easy logic puzzles to make your logic run and mind work! Surprisingly, kids crack these logic puzzles without any difficulties, while adults struggle a lot! So are you a kid in your heart? 🕺
09:57 – This picture riddle will test not only your mind power level, but will also reveal some surprising facts about your inner state. Look closely at the pictures and pick up the family that seems fake to you. You may not believe it, but your choice can tell a lot about your past that affect your life now. Isn’t it astonishing? Tell me if it said the truth about you!
11:30 – A set of fun picture riddles to keep your mind sharp over Christmas vacation🎅🎉 Don’t miss your daily brain workout!
12:45 – Who got dumped? 😬 Share your thoughts on this fun visual puzzle in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz and if you agree with its results!

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  3. Well Done! @7-Second Riddles. I'm a big fan of your quizzes and your my inspiration to start my channel "Quiz Bell". I would like to thank you for that. KEEP IT UP!

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