Short Riddles And Answers That’ll Confuse Your Brain

Short Riddles And Answers That’ll Confuse Your Brain

Are you brave enough to solve these short riddles with answers that will easily confuse your brain? If you can solve at least half of these riddles than your IQ is above average! Do you want to keep yourself thinking and improve your logic? Then try to solve these cool brain-sweating riddles!

00:14 – This cool logic riddle will definitely blow your mind! Can you solve it before the time is up? I’m sure that the answer will surprise you!
01:58 – This fun quiz will test how wide your vocabulary is. The quiz questions are pretty simple, all you need to do is find the right word in time. So grab your dictionary and sit back, the time to prove your language skills has come! Short riddles with answers are always very inter…I wanted to say fascinating!
03:45 – This strange case could almost be considered an accident except for one small detail. Would you be able to find it? A mysterious crime riddle with answer that will make you scratch your brain! If you fail to figure out what’s wrong, just sit back and pretend you already know the answer (I always do this😜)

05:01 – What do you see first? A visual quiz with optical illusions that will reveal your character! Try it out and share your results in the comments 🙂
06:50 – Test your vision and train your eyes with this awesome colorblind test! How many of these did you get right?
09:11 – This seems to be the hardest case in his career and he needs your help! Something doesn’t add up in these stories, but it seems he can’t get what exactly. Only your brilliant mind and sharp logic can help him solve this crime riddle. So, this is your big moment, assistant detective😉
11:02 – A mind-blowing logic riddle that will require all your mental skills! Think outside the box and don’t overcomplicate the task; it’s so simple that even a kid can crack it!
12:22 – A tricky visual puzzle to boost your logic! Which kid has 2 fathers? Share your ideas on this quiz in the comments 🙂

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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25 Replies to “Short Riddles And Answers That’ll Confuse Your Brain”

  1. I think. C one as he has two cars and he was making both the cars crash so he was telling the story of his two father crashing by the cars given by both of them

  2. The B boy has two2 father's because he has 2 cars and different colours …….

    Am I right???

    Yessssss!! أنا دائما على حق حول الألغاز الخاصة بك

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