You’ll Solve These Easy Riddles If You Can Think Logically

You’ll Solve These Easy Riddles If You Can Think Logically

You need to think logically to solve these easy riddles! Even though they might look too easy at first sight, some of the answers will surprise you. If you want to have a well-trained brain and a high IQ, then don’t be lazy to solve these cool puzzles on a daily basis. And don’t be afraid to pause the video if you feel like you need more time to think about the answer 😉

00:14 – This short quiz and general knowledge test will check your survival instincts and ability to think rationally in a dangerous situation.
01:31 – A mouth-watering cuisine picture puzzle no one ever has cracked yet😉 Come on, if you get right at least half of them, you’re almost a chef (or do you just spend all your time on Youtube?)
05:31 – If you like listening to loud music with headphones on just like I do, this trivia is a must-have for you today! I hope this information will somehow protect you from loss of hearing and what’s even worse, some possible weakness in your brain. I know how difficult it is to abandon your favorite habits and guilty pleasures, but it’s something we have to do. Let this trivia be your first step toward your healthy future😉
06:54 – A set of tricky text riddles only the most intelligent people with a sense of humor can crack! You will have to think really quickly to keep up on time, and don’t forget that there is a trick in each one, so just don’t take it too seriously! How many of them have you solved?
08:10 – A shocking test that will make you reflect upon who you really are and what you can do in an emergency situation. I believe you will be really surprised to know the result (of course if you were honest), though it can confuse you as well. So, you have to make the hardest choice ever: decide if you should sacrifice a person to save several people, or let them die and keep your hands clean (yes, someone will die anyway). Don’t rush, the choice is really hard and you may need time to think over. What would you choose?

09:36 – A thrilling riddle with answer that will make you rack your brain hard if you want to save your life (sorry, you still have not so much time to think over). Long thinking has nothing to do with survival so you will have to come up with your answer really quickly. So, what will be your last word? A crime riddle to boost your imagination and logical thinking!
10:38 – These quiz questions based on real events will show how quickly you can realize that something bad is happening around you. No special knowledge is required, just think logically and you will definitely find out what’s wrong here! These riddles with answers will also help you detect the signs of strange behavior and probably prevent some bad situation.
12:01 – Who’s a kidnapper? Turn on your logic and try to answer this visual quiz before the time is up! Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this one in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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22 Replies to “You’ll Solve These Easy Riddles If You Can Think Logically”

  1. Kidnapper is A, the boy looks scared like he doesn't know the woman. B is just a kid throwing a temper tantrum and Dad is fed up lol

  2. I think a is the kidnapper because the kid isn't sure of going with her unlike b it just looks like the father was mad because the girl is annoying

  3. A is the kidnapper because she is holdind the child hand and child is scared. In B the child is holding her dad's hand. Answer is A. 🙂

  4. I know that nobody will read this but For the 1% who reading this, If just a single person reads this it will make my day! ❤ Have a great life and good luck in the future ❤ I know fame doesn’t happen over night but I have a dream to be the biggest relaxing channel. Wish me luck!

  5. 9:11 i will let the 4 people dies,
    They can run, but they're not, they're choosing to still die. I'll let them suicide. 🙂
    And a fat man just an innocent people.

    Okay so, i don't have a good english :')

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